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Our Mission

At C.P.R. Ranch our mission is to provide social, emotional, and behavioral growth through learning about and working with horses.


Why Horses?

The benefits that result from therapeutic horseback riding (THR) and equine-assisted activities are rewarding and can be far-reaching.  Horseback riding moves the body rhythmically, in a manner similar to the human gait, and can contribute to improving a rider’s coordination, balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and both fine and gross motor skills.


Therapeutic horsemanship can also positively contribute to the development of social and communication skills.  When working with horses, a bond forms between the individual and the horse. The positive relationship formed with the horse often naturally extends to volunteers and instructors who are part of the lesson experience. Therapeutic riding can improve self-confidence, trust, self-esteem and communication skills that may transfer to home and other environments. 


Show Me The Data

Scientific data is still in its infancy in the area of THR. However, a recently published landmark study - a randomized, controlled trial of THR in children and adolescents with autism - demonstrated significant improvements in irritability, social cognition, social communication, total number of words, and new words spoken (Gabriel's et al, JAAC, 2015). The authors indicated that the findings were consistent with previous equine-assisted intervention studies.


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