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  • What do the lessons consist of?
    Lessons consist mainly of mounted riding but may also include ground work skills that are important in developing a trusting relationship with the horse and understanding their body language which are important in building confidence and self-esteem. On rainy days it may also include grooming, tack identification, and other skill building instruction.
  • What age does a student need to be to take a lesson?
    We take students of all ages, with a minimum age of 4 years.
  • How much time will the lessons take?
    Allow about an hour for a lesson as you should arrive a bit early to allow time for grooming and tacking up. The actual riding length varies depending on the stamina of the rider, but lessons average about 30 minutes. Riders should allow additional time at the end of each lesson to untack and groom their horses before putting them away. The only time a student wouldn’t tack up or down is if it’s beyond their reasonable physical ability to perform those functions.
  • What is the cost of therapeutic riding lessons?
    Lessons are $60 for all ages, per lesson. You can pay as you go and schedule lessons as frequently as you want. We do recommend regular consistent participation to help establish the bond between instructor, horse and student but you can schedule lessons based on what works best for you.
  • How do I set up the first lesson?
    To get started fill out the Rider Application Packet and Liability Waiver Form below. Send the completed forms back to us via email or mail. Once we receive the completed information our instructor will get back to you to review and set up a lesson time.
  • Does a parent need to be present during the lesson?
    Yes, either a parent or caretaker needs to be present at the lesson, on-hand (not in their car), to assist with any cognitive or unforeseen issues that may arise as they are most familiar with how to calm or intercede with the student as needed.
  • What should I wear to my horseback riding lesson?
    Riders are required to wear long pants or jeans. Shorts and capri pants are not allowed. For shoes, please wear boots or sneakers. No open toed shoes are allowed. Helmets are always required but we have helmets available in all sizes for the riders to use.
  • Where should I park when I arrive for my lesson?
    Lessons are offered on-site at Miller Equestrian Services, off of Vista Ave. Street parking is available or you can park on the property as well. However, we ask that you enter the gates very slowly as horses are being worked around the track. If you see a horse, please stop and allow the horse and rider to pass and wait until it is far away before you proceed. If parking on the property, please do not park on the track and if the gates are closed, please park on the street. For riders or parents that are mobility impaired we allow a 4 wheel drive vehicle to park down by our tack room, or we can arrange to have the gator or golf cart transport one passenger at a time from the parking lot to our tack area.
  • Where should I go when I arrive for my lesson?
    For first time students our instructor will meet them at the top of the property where they pull in to park and walk them down to the Main Barn tack area while familiarizing them with the property. After the first lesson they’re expected to meet up at the tack room by the start of the lesson time without an escort (unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor).
  • Should I be afraid of the small pack of barking dogs?
    NO. The dogs bark every time a new (or sometimes seasoned) rider comes onto the property. They will just bark and run up to greet you. They are all very nice and won’t hurt you…however we know it can be a bit intimidating!
  • How can I pay for my lesson?
    Payment must be made prior to your lesson, and we accept cash, check or PayPal. Lesson payment via PayPal is located under the Rider Information Tab.
  • What is the lesson cancellation policy?
    A considerable amount of time goes into planning lessons with instructors, volunteers, and reserving horses for riders, therefore we require all cancellations at least 24 hours prior to your lesson time. Cancellations within 24 hours or a "No Show" will be charged the full amount of the lesson. For students arriving late to lessons the instructor may need to modify the lesson as they see fit, which may mean ground work only due to the time constraints. For those arriving more than 15 minutes late the instructor may need to cancel the lesson altogether. Please be sure to be on-time or arrive a bit early.
  • How do I cancel my lesson?
    In the event you need to cancel a lesson, please call or text Jessica York at (619) 672-8867.


Don't see your question?  Feel free to contact us or give us a call at (619) 672-8867.

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